Requirements for installation:

  • Java Runtime Environment (JRE) in version 5 or higher on root server
  • .NET-Framework in version 4 or higher on root server
  • PHP5 or higher on the web server
  • MySQL-database






Step 1: (Download & Extract)

Download and extract the following archives:

After extracting you should have the following directories:

  • SimRacing Tracker Manager
  • tracker

and a file SimRacing_Tracker_v2_dump.sql.


Step 2: (Copy sources to destination)

Copy the tracker directory on the web server and copy the SimRacing Tracker Manager directory to the root server.


Step 3: (Follow the Configuration Process)

The detailed steps are descriped in the following parts:


Step 4: (Start)

The double click on SimRacing Tracker Manager.exe opens the application where in the tab Console the tracking can be started. If everything was setup correctly the tool should do it's job. If not, take a look in to the console window or log.txt and try to identify the problem.