The SimRacing Tracker Configuration Process






Step 1: The database connection requires:

  • database name,
  • host (incl. port),
  • user and
  • password


Step 2: Select the Simulation where the lap times should be tracked. The selection has an impact on the fields which will be editable!


Step 3: Adjust the simulation dependend fields like:

  • Log Listening Interval,
  • Config Listening Interval,
  • Log Path (Directory where the game writes the log files),
  • Weight Listening Interval,
  • Car Weight File (optional),
  • Weight Start,
  • Driver Weight File,
  • Log Identifier (Prefix or Suffix),
  • Nicknames (allowed),
  • Fallback Routine and
  • Fallback Time


Step 4: Register Server(s) which should be tracked!

Step 5: Select Weight Path for the dependend server (double click opens the directory tree), use the dummy directory if no weight support is given!