In the Tracker Maintenance it is possible to:

  • Register Servers,
  • Setup Event-Filters,
  • Map Track names,
  • Assign Vehicles to Classes and
  • Map Vehicles


Register Servers

Register Server(s) in the SimRacing Tracker Manager which should be tracked! Select Weight Path for the dependend server (double click opens the directory tree), use the dummy directory if no weight support is required!


Setup Event-Filters

Why should event filters are set up?

Through the event filter it is possible to filter all lap times from an event, this allows also the drivers to compare with drivers from other grids who have participated in this event.


Where will the event filter be configured?

In the SimRacing Tracker Manager exists a tab Events where the changes can be done. The structure consits of the event title (visible on web site), the log identification (for multiple grids, which can start at different times), the start time and the end time. It is recommended to insert the start time a little bit earlier, to ensure that the event will be tracked. Each line enters an event or a part of an event (for multiple grids). In the end simple save the changes. It is important that the event filters are created before the event occurs.


Map track names

What is track name mapping for?

In games like Race07 the tracks are often called something like 2008_Monza. On the web site would therefore the title 2008_Monza inside the track filter appear, to transform the title into a better version like Monza GP 2008 the track name mapping will be used. The mapping only set up a reference between the track name which is used inside the game and a free selectable track name.

In short: track name inside the game <- referenced with -> track name which should be shown on web site


Where will the track name be mapped?

The tab Locations in SimRacing Tracker Manager is available for the mapping of the track names. The structure is very simple, each line represents the track name from the game and the free selectable track name. At the end, save the changes and the changes will be visible on the web site after a few seconds.


Assign Vehicles to Classes

In the Classes tab in SimRacing Tracker Manager it is possible to assign a vehicle to a specific class. The assignment is used for the Car Class Filter and for the Car Class Icon in the Frontend.


Map Vehicles

It is possible to map vehicles in the Vehicles tab in SimRacing Tracker Manager. This feature can be useful for simulations where the in-game name of a vehicle is unattractive, eg. in AC the vehicle name is bmw_z4_gt3 which can be mapped to BMW Z4 GT3. The mapping will be used in the car filter and in the model column of the results list.