The SimRacing Tracker V2 is available now!


What does the SimRacing Tracker?

The SimRacing Tracker is a tool to record lap times from a dedicated server for racing titles like Race07, GTR2, rfactor, rfactor 2, Game Stock Car 2013 and Assetto Corsa.

As driver you can easily retrieve lap times through a responsive web site. In addition, there are some filters, which can be used for a direct comparision between drivers. Also a driver dependent or independent vehicle comparision is possible.

in brief: An overview for driven laptimes!


How does the SimRacing Tracker work (user perspective)?


  1. Track-Filter: The track filter is used to select a track and must be set.
  2. Event-Filter: The Event-Filter provides certain events and shows only lap times from the given event.
  3. Start-Date: The start date filter provides only lap times since the given date.
  4. Driver-Filter: The Driver-Filter restricts the results to the selected driver. For a direct driver comparision it is possible to select multiple drivers.
  5. Vehicle-Filter: The Vehicle-Filter restricts the results to the selected vehicles. It is possible to select multiple vehicles for comparision.
  6. Result-Filter: The result-filter defines the sorting criteria, eg. best lap per driver, best lap per vehicle.
  7. All-Time-Filter: The all time filter is only available if best filter is set to all lap times and has an impact on sorting and limiting the result.
  8. Vehicle Weight-Filter: The Vehicle Weight-Filter provides the ability to filter by individual vehicle weights. The ?-Symbol stands for an unknown weight.
  9. Vehicle Class-Filter: The Vehicle Class-Filter reduces the results to lap times which were driven by vehicles of the given vehicle class. It is possible to select multiple vehicle classes.
  10. Driver Weight-Filter: The Driver Weight-Filter provides the ability to filter by individual driver weights. The ?-Symbol stands for an unknown weight
  11. Session-Filter: The Session-Filter reduces the results for a special session, for example a qualifying or practice session.
  12. Track Flag Icon: Shows the country where the track is located.
  13. Track Layout: Shows the layout of the selected track.
  14. Result list: Displays the results in a descending order.


What is a filter?

A filter is a constraint / rule that is applied to a set of elements. For example: total set={Ford, Audi, BMW, Volvo, Skoda}, filtered for german manufacturers (Audi, BMW) the result set would be {Audi, BMW}.


When will the times be online?

The lap times will be read at a configurable time interval and are available within seconds (standard ca. 20 sec.). The limiting factor is the time when the dedicated server delivers the log file with useful information.



For Administrators:

- log files from the game server(s) will be read automatically
- many configuration options
- selectable date from which on the weights are correct
- track names are configurable (e.g. Monza_2010 -> Monza 2010 GP Layout)
- freely configurable vehicles and vehicle classes
- old log files can read easily
- weights can be imported from mWeight-Tool (Race07) or batch (rFactor)
- freely configurable event filters
- expandable

For Drivers:
- clearly displayed lap times and other details
- generous filtering capabilities and combinable filters (e.g. drivers directly comparable, etc.)
- filters adjusted dynamically - responsive web site, adjust automatically to the screen size of the device (desktop, tablet, smartphone)


How does the SimRacing Tracker work (administrators perspective)?

The tracking tool runs as a background process on the root server, where the game servers are running and monitors automatically the log directory, the files for vehicle and driver weight and the configuration files. The parsed log files will be written into a database, either in the same or a remote server. The webserver retrieves the data from the database and make them available for users. When filtering by an user, an asynchrounous request is send to the server to get the new data. The front end can be easily integrated into existing portals. This architecture allows the tracker to be run on a single server or on a web server, a standalone database server and on several root servers, and in between there are hybrid forms possible.


What are the requirements?

On the root server is a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) in version 5 or later and .NET-Framework version 4 or later necessary. Furthermore, a MySQL database required and the web server must support PHP5.


Which games are supported?

Currently Race07, GTR2, rFactor, rFactor 2, Game Stock Car 2013 and Assetto Corsa are supported. More games can be integrated easily, use the contact form if your game is not supported.



Through the increasing number of support questions, I will only answer support questions which are not answered through the documentation! So please take a look at the documentation before you write a mail. Thank you!