Mod Manager

The SimRacing Mod Manager is a simple tool to manage (activate / deactivate) your modifications for Assetto Corsa. It can be used for:

  • vehicles,
  • tracks,
  • career,
  • special events and
  • showrooms.

SimRacing Mod Manager




Quick start:

The 4 step process is shown in the picture.


  • Step 1: Select your game directory (../Steam/SteamApps/common/assettocorsa)
  • Step 2: Load all elements (vehicles, tracks, careers, special events, showrooms)
  • Step 3: (De-/)Select the elements which should be active
  • Step 4: Activate your changes


Just replace the existing assetto-corsa.xml with this version to include all official content till Assetto Corsa 1.16 (incl. Dreampack 1, 2, 3, JP, RP, 3P, PPI, PPII, PPIII, FP & BP)