Only valid for Assetto Corsa!

If the tyre indicator isn't working correctly (e.g. always red), it's possible that your current tyre isn't supported. This happens if you are using a mod car with an unknown tyre. You can fix it in utils.js.

At line 314+ you find something like

tyres["Hypercar Street Tyres"] = { "name":"Hypercar Street Tyres", "tempUpperBound":95, "tempLowerBound":75};

add a new line for your unsupported tyre. Please consider that the temperature bounds are in celsius (fahrenheit will be calculated). Each tyre consists of a name, an upper and a lower bound.

After the new tyre is added to the tyres array, you have to assign it to the vehicle tyre groups. This will be done after line 387+. Add your tyre to each group in the tyres section  where it be available.

Your car(s) might be assigned to a group in the car_groups.csv.