How can buttons be assigned to a button box?


The assignment should be made inside the index.html (recommended) but it could also be made in the JavaScript file of the style. Since version 0.15b supported keyboard inputs can be singly, successively and simultaneously. The structure is shown in the picture at the example of the Custom Button Box. It is important that the parameter of the sendKey function is set, eg. sendKey('k') simulates the single keyboard input k and sendKey('{Tab}') simulates tabulator. Successive keyboard inputs are separated by comma, eg. sendKey('{Tab},k') and simultaneous keyboard inputs are separated by ampersand, eg. sendKey('{Alt}&{Tab}').

assign button


Which buttons can be assigned to a button box?


Parameter Key Comment
{F1} F1  
{F2} F2  
{F3} F3  
{F4} F4  
{F5} F5  
{F6} F6  
{F7} F7  
{F8} F8  
{F9} F9  
{F10} F10  
{F11} F11  
{F12} F12  
1 D1  
2 D2  
3 D3  
4 D4  
5 D5  
6 D6  
7 D7  
8 D8  
9 D9  
0 D0  
a A  
b B  
c C  
d D  
e E  
f F  
g G  
h H  
i I  
j J  
k K  
l L  
m M  
n N  
o O  
p P  
q Q  
r R  
s S  
t T  
u U  
v V  
w W  
x X  
y Y  
z Z  
{Minus} Subtract  
{Plus} Add  
{Divide} Divide  
{Multiply} Multiply  
{Comma} Decimal  
{Esc} Escape  
{Backspace} Back  
{Tab} Tab  
{Shift} ShiftKey  
{Lshift} LShiftKey  
{Rshift} RShiftKey  
{Ctrl} ControlKey  
{Lctrl} LControlKey  
{Rctrl} RControlKey  
{Alt} Alt  
{Lalt} LMenu  
{Ralt} RMenu  
{Space} Space  
{Capslock} CapsLock  
{Enter} Enter  
{Return} Return  
{Linefeed} LineFeed  
{Print} Print  
{Printscreen} PrintScreen  
{Snapshot} Snapshot  
{Scroll} Scroll  
{Pause} Pause  
{Insert} Insert  
{Pos1} Home  
{Pageup} PageUp  
{Pagedown} PageDown  
{Delete} Delete  
{End} End  
{Up} Up  
{Down} Down  
{Left} Left  
{Right} Right  
{Numlock} NumLock  
{Num0} NumPad0  
{Num1} NumPad1  
{Num2} NumPad2  
{Num3} NumPad3  
{Num4} NumPad4  
{Num5} NumPad5  
{Num6} NumPad6  
{Num7} NumPad7  
{Num8} NumPad8  
{Num9} NumPad9  
{Oembackslash} OemBackslash  
{Oemclear} OemClear  
{Oemclosebrackets} OemCloseBrackets  
{Oemopenbrackets} OemOpenBrackets  
{Oemcomma} Oemcomma  
{Oemminus} OemMinus  
{Oemplus} Oemplus  
{Oemperiod} OemPeriod  
{Oemsemicolon} OemSemicolon  
{Oemtilde} Oemtilde  
{Oempipe} OemPipe  
{Oemquestion} OemQuestion  
{Oemquotes} OemQuotes