Here you will find the setting/option screens in detail.

General SettingsIn the General settings section you will find the following options:

  • Autostart: If you start the application it will automatically start the server component.
  • Skip Start Page: Skips the message screen on the client and lists the dashboards directly.
  • Shift point: Here you can define the shift point in percentage.
  • Log CSV: Activate this option if you want to log your laps into a comma separate value file.










In the Units settings section you can configure:

  • Speed unit: km/h or mph
  • Distance unit: km or mi
  • Temperature unit: °C or °F
  • Capacity unit: liter, US gal or UK gal
  • Pressure unit: kpa, psi or bar











In the Text2Speech section you can configure:

  • Text2Speech: Enable / Disable the Text2Speech engine
  • Sectors: Enable / Disable spoken secor times
  • Fuel warning: Enable / Disable the spoken fuel warning
  • Damage warning: Enable / Disable the spoken damage warnings
  • Volume
  • Rate: Defines the rate
  • Race engineer: Your race engineers name
  • Voice: Select one of the installed voices (only english voices are supported!)












In the Network section you can configure the network settings:

  • Use WebSockets: Enable / Disable web sockets
  • Update Rate: If you don't use web sockets the Optimizer will calculate the best update rate for your setup.








In the config.ini your settings will be stored automatically but you can also find some additional settings. Please consider that the config.ini will only be read at the application start, so you have to restart the application that your changes have an effect.

  • debug: enhances the logging details, should only be used in case of trouble
  • fanaledsFix: Calculates the RPMMAX value and writes it in the Shared Memory of Assetto Corsa to fix an issue where the LED bar isn't working with Fanaleds and the Fanatec drivers.
  • port: The defined port for the SimRacing Dashboard, can also be changed in the application with the change port dialog