The Dashboard is not displayed!

Make sure that the devices are in the same network and the Dashboard application is started on the gaming PC. Go to the advanced settings of the firewall and create a port rule for incoming requests.

  1. Go to Windows-Firewall (Start/System settings/System and Security/Windows-Firewall) and select in the navigation on the left the menu item Advanced Settings. Now it should open a window for advanced security settings.
  2. Click on inbound rules and create a New Rule... with the following properties:
  • Rule type: Port
  • Protocol: TCP
  • Ports: specific local Ports
  • Port: 9090
  • Action: Allow connections
  • Profil: Domain, private and public selected
  • Name: SimRacing Dashboard Port
  • Click on Finish


How could other styles be installed?

In the directory of the Dashboard is the styles subdirectory, there must the extracted files for the style be copied.


Which browsers are supported?


The following browsers have been tested and are supported:

  • Desktop:
    • Mozilla Firefox
    • Google Chrome
  • iOS:
    • Safari
  • Android:
    • Chrome
  • Windows Phone:
    • Internet Explorer


How to add the application to home screen (iOS/Android)?


How to add to home screen